Case Study: An Integrated Approach to The Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


 A 21 year old girl had an upper respiratory tract infection, one month prior to coming for treatment.  She was home for the Christmas Holidays from University.  The upper respiratory tract infection was treated with Biaxin, 250 mg for one week  Her acute symptoms had improved in terms of  fever and chills, sore throat and runny nose, cough, oppression and congestion of the chest. Clinical manifestations when she came for treatment included slight sore throat, nasal congestion, swollen glands, mouth ulcers, headache, difficulty sleeping, difficulty waking up, extreme fatigue (sleeping up to 13 hours or more per day), pain and muscle ache everywhere, poor concentration, no desire to drink night sweats, feeble weak voice, depression and anxiety.  She was extremely pale, but flushed. The tongue was red with white coating on one side, red tip and wet. Her pulse was fine, wiry and slippery. 

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